simplicity is most difficult

Screenshot 2018-04-15 10.53.48.png

Screenshot 2018-05-21 21.03.09.png

As I have been writing before, certain aesthetics and video forms that I’ve pushed myself into overwhelmed me a little bit. I started to produce thoughtless, meaningless videos trying to fulfill some expectations towards my work. Therefore, turning to more clear, simple but more thoughtful forms is something very challenging.
Another problem was lack of confidence and tested way of building narratives. In such films the idea and narrative is an absolute bottom line. I found that all the effects and other ‘fireworks’ are good video’s worst enemy and that they make any film very easy to spoil.
Here is another point, where my endless live for Wojciech Bakowski’s work emerges. His video video and soundworks are profoundly based on word- which to some extend is a great solution for building the narratives, but on the other word makes fakery and pretentiousness very visible.
Working with text for Zloto gave me some more confidence- the texts at some points go a little bit abstract, nonetheless consistency and logical structure is very important. I have been trying really hard not to write about nothing specific.
My development of a not yet titled spoken movie emerged form an overheard story about war. I eventually discarded this idea, nonetheless I still knew that the new narrative will also need to have a dark twist.

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