Sound and art

Screenshot 2018-05-14 13.53.45.png
Despite my sincere willingness to get more involved in sound art I’ve always had problems with engaging with it. Mostly because great majority of it is conceptual- it focuses on technological side of sound or soundscapes. Researching this genre, I discovered that I usually have no patience to listen to the majority of known to me sound pieces.
However, few years ago while researching Wilhelm Sasnal’s (polish painter) I found a very interesting clip on YouTube:
This post-punk/ new romantic style track was something I wouldn’t expect from one of the most acknowledged Polish painters. I fell absolutely in love with its atmosphere and spontaneity strengthened with clear in form video. I realised, that there shouldn’t be anything stopping me from incorporating music in my practice.
I quickly discovered that this take on sound art is a great way of developing the lyrical side of my work. That’s how I started to ‘test’ music.
Zloto has been created in a process of exploring new ways of artistic expression. It is also derived from my unfulfilled dreams of becoming a punk queen one day.
The project consists of a sound layer based on low-tech synth melodies and text.
Conceptually the project is centred around topics of everyday. I am particularly interested in simple stories of politics meeting everyday life; derived from my own experience as well as from observations of people around me.

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