Understanding hatred

The vast majority of my research is focused on the dark social issues as racism, inequalities and hatred. This interest derives from my observations of various groups- fellow migrants, family and friends here and at home as well as observations of wider public debates in particular European countries- Poland, the UK and Germany. Although reasons of such inter-group hatred are more or less known to everyone, I found it very interesting to dig into the subject a bit more through sociological reading and exploring right wing youtube channels and websites. The latter especially gave me the wider image of interfusing historical and cultural contexts.
download (4)
Revenge of emancipation- nationalism, refugees and Muslims. Tomasz Nowicki- ed.
Moreover, I found this research particularly important since in the age of today’s post politics it is very important to understand the mechanisms behind populist trends and to make wise political choices and as an artist to skillfully undermine and question various trends and systems- (Chantal Mouffe and her definition of critical art).
On one hand I think that commenting on politics and social topics is one of the artists’ responsibilities but on the other, talking about politics without exaltation and condescension. In my opinion, social issues need simplified, accessible form and message. It needs to be condensed to absolute essence.
Basing on the research, I found that the most scary thing in my opinion is the fact, that various extreme groups treat politics and ideology deadly serious; people are often unaware or overlook the fact that the discourse based on hate and sense of distinctiveness are used as simple marketing strategies gauged to lure as many supporters as possible. In the end, politics is often treated as a calculable business. It is particularly visible in anti-elitism trend (Brexit, Trump election), where finally, the  less educated groups from margins of social debate have the voice to speak. Moreover, they are encouraged to verbalise their most extreme opinions, rejecting the old political establishment and political correctness. As a result, we ended up in a very polarized society with various groups inclined against each other. And it is not only the case of more troubled parts of Europe but also so called Western world.
This concept of being lured into the world of extreme judgements, hatred used as purely consumer pleasure- You are worth expressing your darkest opinions, your opinions are important to us- accompanied creating an audio video piece titled amnesia.

KarolinaBachanek (2)
My aim was to create an ambiguous piece, which would be at first glance look and sound attractive- video and a lightbox in saturated red and synth tune with high pitched female voice addressing the viewer per baby. In fact, the text is about the dark moment of humankind history which were led to by hatred. The dancer in the video turned out to be dancing in a wicked svastika dance resembling historical danse macabre.


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