Pre-degree show 2018

The show was a great opportunity to test some new forms for me. Firstly, plain, very clean form- the film consisted of only one uncut and unedited take of male genitals and female voice reading out the text of biblical Book of Genesis. I exhibited the piece under the title ‘Prologue’.
This is actually a very old idea which evolved a bit from its initial form. My first intention was to build a shrine aesthetically would refer to slavic folk shrines. In the end, I decided to strip the video off any unnecessities- I wanted the viewer to engage only with the content of the video.
Conceptually, although it may look otherwise, the piece makes very important connection with my other works. Through this aesthetic contradiction I wanted to go back to basics and illustrate the world how it was intended to be- calm, plain and without aggressive energy. This is my vision of ‘pre social’ era. Nonetheless, since the piece consisted of very powerful symbols like the genitals and the story of genesis, it was giving a lot of space for various interpretations.DSC_0357
The film, played on an analogue TV was placed inside an empty cupboard. I’ve put the TV on top of a tall table made of steel poles and piece of white gloss board found in the skip made especially for this occasion. A pair of external speaker taped up to the TV were amplifying voice. I think that this setup. Due to the mature content, the access to the video was restricted by a black curtain.
The video is very important in my development for many reasons. Firstly, in terms of the aesthetics which I mentioned above. I was feeling tired with overprocessed, over-the-top aesthetics. Secondly, in terms of the narratives. I was always very unhappy about lack of narrative in my videos. Working with text and voice turned out to be very helpful in building one. To summarize, I think this video is a very important turn in my development- I realized that moving image is not an olympics discipline and I should aim for making even more complicated and saturated images. Less is indeed more.
The feedback I received after the show was quite mixed, which I found very good- I didn’t want this video to shine. The most precious experience after the opening night was a comment made by a mature woman that was passed on to me- she said that ‘that’s exactly how the world is constructed, everything is centered around men and power’.  She watched the video from the beginning to the end, looking very thrilled.  I felt very privileged and happy to have been able to touch a soul of someone who already knows life.
The only regret I have is the form of display. I think the video would work better if it was projected in a quiet, dark space.

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