Hardcore reality

Screenshot 2017-04-10 14.11.58Quite recently I came across an artist who has changed my whole view on video art. Or performance art. Or art in general! Or maybe even on life.

But where to start..

I was recently experiencing some sort of creative crisis. I felt I couldn’t go with my practice any further, Nothing was working as well as it used to, I was tired of the same inspirations all the time. With few unfinished videos and no ideas for development of my works I was experiencing depression of my creativity.

Unexpectedly, while rolling down the Facebook news feed one article drew my attention: https://i-d.vice.com/pl/article/bella-cwir-ikona-internetowych-freakow

The post was accompanied by the headline saying: Bella Cwir, the icon of the Internet Freaks! and a photo of a young male dressed as a drag queen photographed in front of a poster with Britney Spears.

I was reluctant to open the hyperlink, suspecting that the was just another attention- seeking youtuber. What I discovered was totally beyond my expectations. I entered the world of very well- thought artistic project.

Bella Cwir… actually I will copy a paragraph about her, which I have written in my essay:

Quite recently I discovered a performer/ online personality Bella Cwir, a young provincial girl aspiring to become a celebrity. Bella is in fact just an imagery performance identity of a young male creative fed up with his uninteresting life in small town Elblag in Poland B. He centered is practice around social media- Youtube and Facebook, where he uploads his music videos. I found these videos interesting in many ways. Firstly, naive, crass aesthetics in both layers of sound and image. Secondly, in terms of the music, which is disharmonious and rather unpleasant, he admits to be using stock beats and samples available online (Gora 2017). The artist explains, that the main inspiration for his tracks is popular music of lowest level. He especially emphasizes the importance of disco polo- folksy, provincial dance music. Monika Borys, in her brilliant article on aesthetics of disco polo (2017) describes it as a ‘provincial therapeutic carnival, celebration of noncommittal amusement in the times of hardship’. Videos on the other hand are usually built like moving collages, carelessly put together in editing software. Finally, the most interesting thing I found about Bella Cwir is the language, which by being vulgar and abrupt aims to resemble the reality of colorful magazines- chaotic, meaningless, often with grammar errors. However, that reality, according to the theory of Polish nostalgia I discussed before, is sadly realized to be a pathetic reality of unreachable dreams shared by everyone of us: ‘It is me who is a fucking amazing girl and you are just a fucking carcass, you better remember that because you messed with the God/ I have a Gucci bag, and a fur from Prada I have, and what do you, bitch, have? Bendy legs as you crap’. (From Zajebista  Dziewczyna).

Bella Cwir appeared in my life in a perfect time. The video about Michael Kors, which I started two month before, was lying aside and rotting. I realized that in my previous attempts I was way too impeded. I was trying at all costs to make work that makes sense, has a clear story line. But now I think that art really doesn’t have to make sense.

I send one of the versions of Majkel Kors (probably the worst one) to my friend, who being genuinely delighted, called it hardcore. I asked her then than maybe it isn’t a good thing, Then she said that after all Michael Kors reality is hardcore. And she was absolutely right.

That was the missing word, that summarizes my view on the world, society, culture etc.

Screenshot 2017-04-22 16.20.34


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