PPPPolitics, performance and palm trees.

Screenshot 2017-03-30 13.37.55

When it comes to Disco, I feel I can do sooo much more. Like if I only had time which I didn’t have to waste on serious things I could just become a disco polo princess, sing songs about love and other beautiful things and shot videos somewhere under real palm trees.

For now it looks like this opportunity is rather out of reach… Therefore I had to rely on After Effects again.

But ironically, this goes quite well with the concept I have been exploring recently: ‘it was meant to be beautiful’ aesthetics, which somehow lies next to kitsch. However, for me this notion carries much more diverse qualities. It contains emotions like disappointment, sorrow, longing for something unachievable, frustration but also delight of something that we can never have. Moreover, of something that can only exist in our imagination.

It was meant to be beautiful can also explain a lot in terms of culture and socio- politics. Why did this aspiration fail? Were there no tools, no knowledge, no developed through centuries aesthetic taste ? Was there no money to wear real gold or genuine Michael Kors? Or no money to hire real, beautiful models coming straight from Paris or London?



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