I decided to start this page in a hope that I will finally find a way to effectively organize my thoughts and ideas. So far I was finding it difficult to put together and articulate my thinking. I hope that this format will help me to retrieve all the traces of ideas and inspirations out of the mess, literal and metaphorical, that my creative process has left me in at the moment.

In this mid-term frenzy I thought it would be probably good to reflect on the subjects that I chose at the beginning. The choice was seemingly simple- what I knew was that I had to go for anything to do with socially engaged art or in general social topics. And here it was, my first- Socially engaged art- for whom does the artist make artwork? What I make from this question – is my self centered experience, thoughts and ideas are enough to make art? Is it tactful to bother after all stranger people with my personal problems? According to aesthetic triad, the creator is just a third of this whole process, along with the art object and the audience. Leaving aside the obvious- the qualities of the object, the engagement of audience is just equally important.

As a socially engaged art I understand such art, which can provide the audience with opportunity to see its own reflection. Few months ago I had the opportunity to talk to Suk Jun Kim, Aberdeen based composer and lecturer at Aberdeen University Music Department, who asked about the role of artist today replied that its main role is to metaphorically ‘poke’ the audience and point at some problems. The uniqueness of the artist lies thus in observation and sensibility to interesting issues; the ability of finding the essence, digging it out ans serve it to the public in an intriguing and interesting way.

Therefore, I strongly believe that art should carry some ethical responsibilities- be receptive to current politics and social issues. And this is my plan- to try to understand and react to the current politics and to social dynamics. The later is the most interesting matter for me- how the politics shape the lives of societies and communities as well as the relations between the individuals. How something, that in fact is not directly perceptible determines the every day order in the hood. This subject is especially interesting in terms of current politics- right here in front of our eyes hybrid societies probably start to transform into something unknown.

The subject that I cannot escape from is the Eastern European immigration into the UK. I only discovered this matter with my journey to Scotland and although before I have known many people who decided to move their lives abroad, the true nature of this phenomenon by then remained unimaginable. Due to the EU referendum which took place few months ago and related actions being taken by the British government to reduce the number of people coming in, it is a very interesting time to look closer at this issue. I am planning to research the roots of this mass migration, political dynamics leading to this situation as well as fascinating fusion of aesthetics, language and habits accompanying these events.


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